Sexless Marriage – 5 Reasons For Your Husband’s Low Sex Drive

What if you are feeling a bit lazy at times but do not want to disappoint your man? In this case, you can choose to lie on your back. You then ask your partner to adopt the doggie position and he positions his genitals directly over your mouth. With this position, you can still give your man a good blowjob even if you are lack of energy.

If you’d like to learn more about sex toys today, both in terms of popular products, and the latest innovations, check out this latest episode of the Get Sex-Smart podcast. In it, Dr. Valeria Chuba and Sarah Martin, sexologists and sex coaches, talk about sex toys and give tips and advice on picking, using, caring for, and having fun with your sex toys:

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“Where is the G spot exactly?” You often hear this question asked and because not everyone is successful in explaining how to locate it and use it to bring about a G spot orgasm, the G spot is almost reaching ‘mythical’ proportions. But make no mistake about it, it does exist.

Marriage therapists estimate as many as 20 percent of couples are in a low-sex or sexless marriage in the USA. To my surprise, often enough it’s the men, heterosexual men, who don’t want sex with their spouse.

What can be the possible causes when things are not going well in a romantic and sexual relationship? What can you do to improve your relationship and sex life? Here are some common causes of relationship problems and the things you can do to improve your relationship.

BDMS is an acronym that stands for Bondage, Discipline, Masochism and Sadism. It mainly focus on domination through the usage of things like ropes, tools, sex toys, and elaborate devices. The activities are done to satisfy the physical needs or sexual urges. The concept of BDSM is widely used in the western culture.

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