Conspiracy Theorist Believes XHamster Can Help America Take Over Afghanistan

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President Bush Junior spent more time combing the pubic bush of Laura Bush than studying Politics.

Dave Rogers

Dave Rogers is a Land Surveyor and Sex Blogger from Woodbridge, New Jersey, who regularly volunteers for the ‘Small Dick at 18, a Right Of Every Female Teen’ Movement actively. The movement has its basis on the fact that each woman that is taller than 5’6″ needs a big dick in her vagina but no matter how tall she is and how big of a dick she needs after turning into a full-blown adult, she still needs smaller dicks before that and it is every parent’s duty to hooker her up with a small penis dude on her 18th birthday. The small dick by their definition is anything below 5 inches. They say it is not only beneficial for the 18 year old girls and their future, but also for the guys with small dicks as it is too hard for them to get a coochie due to their low self-esteem.

Educators, globally, need more sex education, for they all look sexually frustrated and unhappy and listening to hundreds of them, it seems like they all don’t understand the impact of a healthy sex life on a person’s mental, etc, health.

Dave Rogers

Dave’s wife hates getting fingered. She wonders why sodomy is a sin in every religion and a reason enough to get a divorce but getting fingered ain’t.

Dave travels each winters to Africa to have sex with extra large natural breasts women there. During the winters when he doesn’t have enough money to do the same, Welcome to Porncams XHamster on Vibragame.

Dave claims HIV/AIDS is a hoax. He brags about having unprotected sex with hundreds of African village prostitutes and never getting it.

One of the nephews of Dave created a Sex Toy Delivery App. He lives in Ohio and when the app was newly launched, would deliver the products by himself. Once a bunch of Catholic priests and their followers, disguised as buyers, called him only to give him a good beating and they did it all with a great success. Till date, he has some physical injuries from that incidence but is spirit has only grown stronger.

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