Retired Cop Thinks There Is Nothing Wrong With Fantasizing Sexually About Your Adult Family Members

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Edvard Altham from Nørresundby, Denmark, is a Sex Blogger and Retired Cop, who believes public nudity should become legal and gay marriage is morally correct.

Edvard misses horror porn movies that were quite rampant during all of 1970s, 1980s and even the early 1990s. Jenna Jameson and Taylor Moore featured in some such horror porn movies.

Edvard’s wife loves Indian Natural Aroma. Edvard and his wife light up some Indian incense sticks (known as Aggarbaties in the Indian Subcontinent) before they get down for a love-making session each night.

Edvard thinks finding certain ethnicities more attractive than others is racist.

Masturbation is more acceptable to do for females than males.

Edvard Altham

Edvard believes Psychedelics and Weed should be legalized. He also believes wearing a burqa in public should become illegal globally including in Islamic nations.

Saying E-Sports is a real sport is as dumb as saying fake tits are as good as natural tits.

Edvard Altham

Edvard sees a great potential in the nation of Israel as the next major porn producer. He predicts Israel alone would be bigger than France, Italy and England combined in the porn revenues and number of movies produced.

Just like in music, some form of porn are better than others.

Edvard Altham

Edvard believes same-sex parenting (such as two homosexuals or lesbians adopting children), as beneficial/equal as normal parenting (straight couples) to children.

Diet is more important for your sexual health than sleep. Anyone who disagrees clearly doesn’t have his/her priorities in order.

Edvard Altham

Edvard writes there is nothing strange or wrong to find your younger versions of parents attractive if the pictures of them when they were younger was from a long time ago. Also, there is nothing wrong with watching incestual flicks like familystrokes free porn videos and jerking-off while doing the same.

Edvard thinks emotional infidelity, (such as flirting, spending copious amounts of time, fantasizing, and being close physically) but never actually having sexual contact such as kissing or penetration, is legitimate as cheating.

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